"Oh joy, I received my sacred parcel two days ago! I had to race to work but did take a moment to find a quiet, private space upon arrival to open it. I could feel the love and respect poured not only into the necklace but the whole package: the thoughtful mini cards and that beautiful green silk pouch... as I clutched the necklace to my heart.The necklace is so beautiful in its simplicity and the variant green pf the aventurine add a nice touch. It bears repeating that I'm so grateful I found Nine Treasures and received your extra care and attention every step in this process. May you continue to thrive in this devotional craft that yields such treaures indeed and may many people find you to recieve such heartfelt pieces of their own. So lovely that Mother Earth's precious beauties are woven and worn serving as a conduit to Higher consciousness. All prosperity and Goodness to you over there in God country. May our paths cross someday. Love, Z

    "Thank you so much for the gorgeous necklace! I opened it and it was like pulling out a strand of magical gemstone candy. I could not believe how pretty it is! I’m wearing it right now at work. Thank you, thank you!"

    "I am overwhelmed with so much love you have sent my way! I received the Rose Quartz-Blue Topaz-Citrine-Pearl-Crystal Tantric necklace when I finally made it to my mailbox on Saturday. The necklace is so beautiful and special. I can feel the energy pouring off of it! I so look forward to being able to use this for my ancestral clearing sessions, as I also use the wondrous pearl/tourmaline/gold necklace I purchased from you some months ago. That necklace has proven to be very powerful indeed. I bow to you for bringing these elements together and adding your prayers and blessings into them, to the special qualities inherent in the stones, and to the Infinite for providing them to us."

    “It's super powerful for teaching and helps bring through a lot of love and grace from the Master. I wear it every day. I teach much better with it on. I feel these necklaces are helping to facilitate a lot of deep healing in people right now. Thank you for keeping this business going. Much love, Tej Kaur, Golden Bridge, Los Angeles.”
        This Tantric Necklace is a divine gift.
          If you want things to be easier for you...get one of these Tantric Necklaces!
            “I highly recommend them, I've experienced tremendous benefits ... increased intuition, focus and a sense of harmony while wearing my Tantric Necklace these past 3 years.”
            “This is a potent technology. You feel the diagonal Z energy accessed through the geometric pattern. Life feels easier...blocks appear and the way through emerges. I love wearing mine. If it doesn't "match" my outfit, I wear it inside the clothes to access the benefits.”
            “I feel the pattern of the gemstones providing an order that is clearly felt in the mind. My disorderly mind becomes orderly. When I look at the pattern visually, I feel the orderliness going into me. The structure emits and it affects me profoundly. I feel the effect of doing a yogic discipline just by wearing it.”
            “The necklace is wonderful....It’s not only beautiful but it has a balancing and calming effect. I love it!!!!”
            “My Tantric Necklaces are fabulous. I love wearing them in the summer and they go great with my other gorgeous jewelry. It’s chic and versatile and I like to wear it as a bracelet. I know I’m wearing something that does something because it was worn and blessed by the Tantric Master, Yogi Bhajan. The dark colored ones look great draped over my altar. They have a very golden aura. Gets you stoned on God.”
            "I absolutely love my Tantric Necklace. Whenever I teach and want to have an especially deep meditative experience take place in the class, I wear it. I feel it is a tool to help bring about a deeper experience for all. Thank you so much for carrying on the tradition set by the Mahan Tantric.”
            “These gems are the real deal.... affecting not only the one adorned ...those in close proximity as well, amazing!”
            “I can't tell u how happy I am to have purchased this Tantric Necklace. I am feeling a TON of energy physically and spiritually!”

            “I have noticed a difference when I wear the Tantric necklaces. When I wear all 3 - olive jade, blue agate, and citrine and pearl together - my energy is very clear, my focus is sharp, and my stamina is increased. It’s almost like turning the dial to get the "signal" loud and clear! I wear these a lot when I teach, or when I’m making an important presentation that I want to be heard and project the message with excellence in action. When I wear the rose quartz and pearl, my energy and frequency becomes very, very rosy soft and bright, feminine and strong! I wear this one often when I’m teaching my women only classes or just when I want to feel pretty and more womanly in a soft cozy way.”

              Things have begun to happen.....It's like all kinds of opportunities are revealing themselves at an accelerated pace. Yes that is how it feels, it feels like something is accelerating, like I have a larger capacity than I had before and learning is shortened. It's very interesting indeed but I try not to have any expectations but rather stay as open as possible.
                  I can't believe how wonderful I feel while wearing it. Unfortunately I had Breast Cancer and have taken a while to come back physically. The red stones give me vitality right down to my core. I feel peaceful and protected. Thank you to Ong Kar in Vancouver for bringing them there. I have just ordered 3 more because I want to wear them with everything.