Gemstone Benefits

The following Gemstone benefits are based on the Vedic system of Gemology and should not be used instead of advice from a medical professional.

Amber is great for physical health, especially for the spleen. It is one of the best stones for grounding oneself, so as to prevent being "spaced out". It is also good for promoting self-control. 

Amethyst is a very valuable stone due to its great benefits on the mind. It brings good judgment and understanding, as well as mental stability. It is known for reducing anger and anxiety, and for promoting tolerance and patience. It is also good for self discipline, and can be very helpful for spiritual purposes, bringing discernment and a focus on more mystical pursuits. 

Aquamarine aids communication by providing clarity and creativity and by stimulating the intellect. It supports skillfulness in any endeavor. It aids the nervous system, calms the heart and reduces anxiety and restlessness. It brings joy into life, promotes flexibility of character and for women helps to bring out their creative feminine grace.

Aventurine  Communication, Projection, Protection, Balance

Bloodstone is very effective for balancing blood pressure and helping with blood-related issues.

Blue Topaz brings coolness and healing to the body. It promotes patience and tolerance thus bringing tranquility to the mind. This gemstone is especially effective for those on a spiritual journey. It is a fabulous stone for travelers. Its reflective nature allows for a great understanding of others as well as the self.

Black Onyx Good Luck, Good Health, Good Feelings

Calcite is excellent for meditation and for attuning to the higher mental planes. It instills mental alertness as it grounds the higher mental energies into the physical realm. It is also an energy amplifier, facilitates intuitive abilities. Golden Calcite alleviates emotional stress, brings peace and serenity. It also helps one to focus their concentration.

Carnelian brings robust health, longevity, and virility. It is good for the blood, the liver, and to detoxify the body. It gives us the energy to overcome obstacles and brings protection from negative intentions. It brings patience, self confidence, and the courage to do what is necessary. It also increases creativity in solving problems and in communication. It is an ideal gemstone for optimizing our image and speech.

Citrine is great for prosperity and wisdom. It also balances the electromagnetic field of the body so as to help the wearer have undisturbed sleep.

Fire-Polished Crystal Love, Expansion, Projection, Prosperity

Four Healing Stones:  Carnelian, Coral, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise  Exponential Healing Qualities

Fluorite  Calming, Flexibility, Intuition

Jade promotes longevity and good health. It brings strength and energy into our daily lives. It is good for calming the nerves. It grants flexibility and skillfulness to any endeavor, especially in communication.

Labradorite Balance, Intuition, Calmness

Lapis helps to manifest our desires. It promotes well-being, mental balance, and an overall state of peace. It brings great virtues to the wearer. It aids digestion. It protects and aids us when the times bring challenges.

Moonstone  Feminine energy, Strengthens will, Awakens faith

Pearls are good for intuition and focus. They take us beyond the mundane and what is immediately apparent into the depth of life. They connect us to the subtlety of life and are said to bring vitality, intelligence and prosperity.  

Peridot Flexibility, Communication, Skillfulness

Red Garnet brings vigor, vitality and stimulates virility. It is great for healing the reproductive system, as well as to alleviate skin conditions and digestion. It prevents the formation of kidney and gallbladder stones and promotes the release of toxins from the body. It is great for eliminating fatigue and over-thinking. It is excellent for making us more action oriented, and for bringing courage, assertiveness, discipline, and an independent nature.

Quartz Crystal brings good fortune. It is especially effective in areas of love: love of another, love of the self, and love of God. It expands the effects of whatever it’s worn with. It calms the mind so that peacefulness follows and the focus can be on what’s real. Sleep will be deep and satisfying.  

Rose Quartz brings unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love. It helps with discipline and purification and health.

Smokey Quartz  Purification, Protection, Communication

Tourmaline promotes mental sharpness and clarity, and prolongs focus. It provides neutrality in judgment helping the best decision be made.  It protects the wearer from accidents, provides warnings before events happen, and creates a positive balance in one's environments. It is very effective in calming the nerves.

Turquoise  Protection, Radiance, Happiness