Care Tips

Tantric Necklace Care Tips

Sat Nam and congratulations on owning an authentic Tantric Necklace by Nine Treasures!  Each Meditation Necklace is hand crafted in a unique pattern with powerful gemstones to bring uplifted and enhanced energy to the wearer.  When not wearing your Meditation Necklace, we recommend keeping it in a sacred space, such as your altar or other beautiful and meaningful place, where it can continue to radiate blessings and protection for your home.

The Tantric Necklace is a very precious piece of spiritual jewelry that needs to be treated with mindfulness and care.  It is not meant to be worn while exercising, sleeping, bathing or taking a shower. Please avoid storing in pockets, purses, bottom of drawers etc. as this can create pressure and weaken the structure. Please refrain from wearing your necklace while practicing moving, physical yoga. It is ideal for sitting meditation and regular non-active wear.

When wearing the Tantric Necklace in the opera length style, please be very aware of your surroundings as it can catch on objects. When wearing it in such environments where this could happen, just place the necklace underneath your clothing and continue to enjoy the healing benefits.

Cleaning:  You can gently clean with a warm damp cloth or polishing cloth as needed. Please do not immerse the Tantric Necklace in water or any type of cleaning solution.

Restringing: If your Tantric Necklace breaks, we will be happy to repair it for a standard fee. Every piece of Jewelry that we repair is cleaned, purified and re-infused with meditation and prayer.

It can be unsettling and seemingly unfortunate when jewelry breaks.  On the positive side, ancient wisdom tells us that when powerful spiritual jewelry breaks, it can represent a beneficial, energetic breakthrough. It is also believed that spiritual jewelry takes a “psychic hit” for the wearer, acting as a shield, causing it to break while protecting the wearer from greater physical or energetic harm.