Adi Shakti means Primal Power and is a Universal Spiritual Symbol of the Sikhs (Seekers of Truth). The outer swords represent the protection of God. The inner circle represents the law of Karma: as you sow, so shall ye reap. The inner double-edged sword represents the commitment it takes to live a life of Dharma allowing you to cut through your Karma.  As spiritual warriors, the swords remind us to cut through all obstacles and to defend the life, liberty and rights of all people. Each unique Adi Shakti Pin/Pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry and art which has an added Vibrational Effect of its specific gemstone. Both women and men can wear it as a pin or pendant on a chain. Wear the Adi Shakti as a conscious reminder to think, speak and act in the light of Truth and Integrity. Wear this powerful symbol to surrender to the Universal Flow of the Infinite Creator. Wear this to remember the perfection of God, Who has no beginning and end.