Tantric Necklace Technology

Nine Stones

Nine Treasures embraces wisdom from ancient times and cultures to create Jewelry with Purpose, Beauty with Benefits.

Wearing these treasured pieces directly connects you with these sacred secrets to bestow Health and Healing, Prosperity and Protection, Happiness and Grace.

Our first and most precious product is the Tantric Necklace Mala. The 416 gemstones and beads of each Tantric Necklace Mala are arranged in a specific geometric pattern. The shapes found in the necklace relate to the ruling planets of astrology, the five elements of Chinese philosophy, the 8 limbs of ash-tang yoga and the 16 qualities of Vedic Avatars. The design can be traced back to ancient teachings from all over the world and was used by spiritual masters to enhance meditation and to unlock the secrets to abundant blessings.

Due to its unique design, a Tantric Necklace is a conduit for Tantric energy. This energy is a unique, unseen flow that travels diagonally, similarly to a "Z". In the very same way that cloth becomes many times stronger when pulled on a diagonal to its threads, so too does energy become much more powerful and effective when traveling diagonally. Being in contact with this flow promotes prosperity, longevity, physical and mental health, and elevation.

Besides promoting personal growth, wearing a Tantric Necklace Mala gives our efforts an exponentially stronger impact. It acts similarly to a lever, thus boosting our being, our intentions, and our actions. Furthermore, it brings clarity and intuition to use this leverage in the wisest way.

Wearing this unique tool and gorgeous piece of jewelry allows you to receive countless blessings and protection and connects you to the lineage of sacred saints and masters of old.