Navratna Necklaces

Navaratana is the Sanskrit word meaning “nine gems.” Jewelry in this style has been used for thousands of years in Eastern religions and Ayurveda. The nine gems relate to astrology, numerology, gemology, color therapy, mineral nutrition, and mind balance. Usually, with the exception of diamonds, gems are worn alone unless a seasoned gemologist is consulted. With the Navaratana all gems are worn at once to produce the most subtle, yet, the most comprehensive balancing of the chakras, the gunas, the tattvas, and the 81 facets of the mind.  


Wearing the Navaratana is the subtlest form of transition, but, don't be fooled. The Navaratana is also the most powerful. Change is permanent. Because the jewelry is worn continuously for extended periods, the subtle effects work gradually and powerfully.  


The Navaratana Tantric Necklace not only contains all the fabulous benefits of the Navaratana, but has the fantastic benefit of the Tantric Necklace as well. This necklaces is the most powerful transformational spiritual tool on the planet. The unique configuration of the gems, augmented by all nine gems as well, attract the diagonal sixty degree of the Tantric energy. This combination is uplifting, energizing, authentic, and transformational. Enjoy.