Surya, The Sun is male, assertive, independent, disciplined, illuminating, and purifying. It is the source of all existing phenomena on earth - the protector and preserver of life - and the ruler of the intellect. The sun is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by seven horses, representing the seven visible rays of light and the seven colors. He holds the lotus of purity in three hands and grants fearlessness with his fourth hand. 

Signs of "good Sun energy" can be seen through one with a cheerful outlook, good fortune, strong ambition to achieve great heights, brilliance, optimism, and overall success in worldly affairs. They will show creativity, vitality, determination and decisiveness. They will partake in successful activity and be one of authority. They will have the qualities of royalty and high position in administration.

Ruby is the gemstone of The Sun.

Ruby gives vitality, a strong immune system and the power of resistance (to both diseases and negativity).

Ruby is good for for the physical makeup of a person - the body's constitution.

Ruby gives one life force, will power, intellect, graceful conduct, activity, cheerfulness, good fortune, wisdom, ambition, fame, the understanding of the unknown, and the knowledge of medicine.

Ruby governs our relationship with temples and holy places.

The human spine is specially influenced by Ruby.

Ruby works in the prevention of the following diseases: Heart diseases, eye inflammation, low or high blood pressure, hemorrhage, cardiac thrombosis, heated and bilious constitution, cerebral meningitis, eruptions of the face, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun-stroke, burns, sun-burns, diseases of the head.

One who needs a ruby will exhibit some or many of the following symptoms: Lack of creativity, lethargic, week immune system, can't make decisions easily. Pessimistic outlook, bad luck, no ambition, boring.

Real, natural rubies of top quality are rare and relatively expensive. If one cannot afford a top quality ruby for healing purposes, there are other gemstones that possess similar energetic qualities. Red Garnet, Star Ruby, Red Spinel, Red Zircon, and Red Tourmaline are acceptable.

In order to enhance ones own Sun energy, other than wearing a Ruby, fasting on Sundays helps.

Surya KriyaSurya Kriya is an excellent Kriya to practice for anyone wishing to bring some Sun into their life.