The Moon is considered feminine and as such its aspects are those of feminine qualities. It is imaginative, receptive, sensitive, intuitive, and subject to change. It acts as a large, crystalline transformer, converting solar energy into life-giving, magnetic, mothering energy which it reflects to the planet Earth.

The Moon rules over the psyche.

The Moon is the presiding deity of the element water, and rules over the tides of the sea. The sphere of the Moon is the reservoir of rainwater and thus Moon is the ruler of plants and the vegetable kingdom. Moon represents the mother or female principle, the energy that creates and preserves.

The color of The Moon is white. Its nature is mucus-dominated, tender-hearted, wise, and learned. It rules peace of mind, comfort, general well-being, and also the fortune of a person.

Its strongest influence is around twenty-four to twenty-five years of age.

The Moon gives illumination, sense of purpose, intuitive nature, sensuality, taste, youth, love of poetry, fine arts and music, love of jewelry, attractive appearance, wealth and good fortune. It makes us moody, emotional, and sensitive.

The gemstone related to Moon is pearl, and its metal is silver. Moon rules number 2 in Vedic numerology.

Real, natural pearls are extremely rare. To find one that is perfectly round is 1 in a million. Almost all of today's pearls are cultured and processed in some way. We have found that good quality cultured pearls are still effective. 

Moonstone can be used as a pearl substitute.

Another way to enhance the moon energy in ones constitution is to do the Moon Kriya.