Mars is the warrior. Mars is commanding, aggressive and not afraid of anything. 

Mars rules over the blood, muscular system and how we behave.

Those with good Mars energy are strong, fearless warriors. They have self-confidence, leadership abilities, physical strength and patience. The love anything to do with weapons - guns, swords, explosives, etc.

One with good Mars energy has great technical and mechanical skills. They are good at things like building and design and make good engineers and good surgeons also.

Good Mars energy likes law and order and likes things to be orderly.

Good Mars energy gives a person a lot of physical energy, drive, determination, a strong sense of purpose, great administrative ability and an independent spirit.

Coral is the gemstone of Mars energy.

Red coral is beneficial in aiding good physical and mental growth, vigor & vitality, monetary gains, social status, marital affairs, and new ventures. It is also effective in helping the wearer overcome inaction, laziness, lack of confidence, difficulties in obtaining property, loss of assets, lack of domestic peace etc. Medically also this gemstone is helpful in curing bronchitis, blood infections, erratic blood circulation, obstructions in physical growth, fatigue, muscle cramps, back pain, chest congestion, fever etc.

Good quality Coral is becoming increasingly harder to obtain. Substitutes for Coral are Carnelian and Orange Jasper.

A good Kundalini Yoga Set for the victorious, courageous spirit is The Warrior's Tension Release Kriya.