Bracelets are a great way to wear the energy of the Tantric Mala if wearing a necklace isn't possible.  Each bracelet represents one of the sections found in the Tantric Necklace Mala. Currently all bracelets shown are configured to represent Pranayama, Expansion.   If you are interested in focusing energy on a different area of the Mala configuration please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

Bracelets are available in the following sections --

  1. Do's (Yamas)
  2. Don'ts (Niyamas)
  3. Postures (Asanas)
  4. Expansion (Pranayama)
  5. Contraction (Pratyahara)
  6. Concentration (Dharana)
  7. Meditation (Dhyana)
  8. Absorption (Samadhi)


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