6mm Blue, Teal & Green Fire Polished Czech Crystal

6mm Blue, Teal & Green Fire Polished Czech Crystal

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A very powerful yogic tool, more than just a necklace, this intricate and elegant design is actually a geometric pathway that leads the wearer to intuition, clarity and power. It is a jeweled mala that enhances prayer and bestows protection and blessings.

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This necklace is made with Fire Polished Crystal and has a hand made clasp.

6mm Necklaces are between 45" and 48" long depending on the actual size of the stones used. Gemstone sizes vary slightly. 

Ayurvedic Gemology by Color & Numerology

5. Green/Teal: Planet - Mercury
Qualities - Intellect, Communication, Flexibility, Skillfulness and Good Health

6. Clear: Planet - Venus
Qualities - Attraction, Refinement, Romance, Sensuality, Artistic Ability

8. Blue/ Purple: Planet: Saturn
Qualities - Spirituality, Patience, Tolerance, Mental Pease and Freedom from Depression

**Special Notes: This necklace usually ships within 2-5 business days. Actual color of stones may vary slightly from pictures. This unique piece of jewelry should be worn with care. Please read our care tips page for more information. 

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The three Tantric Necklace Mala sizes (4mm, 6mm and 8mm) are pictured together below: