Gem 2 O - AquaGem Therapy Kit
Gem 2 O - AquaGem Therapy Kit

Gem 2 O - AquaGem Therapy Kit

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 AquaGem Therapy - Just Add Water

There are various ways to use gemstones, especially for esoteric purposes. Yes, gemstones and jewelry go together for status, beauty, and identity. But, there’s more. For millennia, gems have been used for healing purposes-physical, mental and spiritual.  In addition, they have been used to offset malevolent aspects of one’s natal chart. This science is called “gemology” and is a major part of the Eastern practice of Ayurveda, the knowledge for a long, healthy, and happy life.

Naturally, there are various ways of producing the desired gemstone effects. One of the oldest and well recognized methods is “gem immersion.” First, the gem must be of adequate size and clarity. Next, it must be cleaned and purified in the proper manner in correlation with ancient scriptural references. Finally, it must be taken properly.

Once the gem is in the hands of the user, it should be put in a glass of water and left overnight. First thing the next morning, the glass of water should be drunk. Don’t forget to take the gem out first (don’t laugh, someone forgot and what a mess). Continue everyday for at least 40 days, and, preferably, 90 days.

We've made it as easy as possible to gain the benefit of gemstones right away.

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The AquaGem Kit consists of a specially designed infuser glass along with your gemstone. The kit comes with an authentic, natural, high-quality gemstone.

There are nine main precious gemstones. Really, gemstones are categorized into 9 individual groups. These individual groups represent the energetic qualities of the gemstones and how they affect the different aspects in the human condition.

  1. Ruby
  2. Pearl
  3. Yellow Sapphire
  4. Hessonite
  5. Emerald
  6. Diamond
  7. Cat's Eye
  8. Blue Sapphire
  9. Coral
With the AquaGem Kit, we've substituted the precious gemstone with its semi-precious alternative. All the gemstones we supply meet the requirements of Vedic Gemology for maximum benefit.
Gem 2 O Box
Gem 2 O - AquaGem Therapy Kit