Surya Kriya



Tantric Necklace Kriya


(Kundalini Yoga Guidelines for Sadhana, pp. 75-76 and The Aquarian Teacher, K.R.I. Level 1 Teacher Training Manual, pp. 352-353).

  1. Easy Pose. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Rest the right hand in Gyan Mudra on the right knee. Block the left nostril with the thumb of the left hand. The other fingers point straight up. Begin long, deep, powerful breaths in and out of the right nostril. Focus on the flow of breath. Continue for 3-5 minutes. Inhale and relax.

This exercise draws on the “sun” breath and gives you a clear, focused mind. 

  1. Sat KriyaSat Kriya. Sit on the heels with the arms overhead and the palms together. Interlace the fingers except for the index fingers, which point straight up. Men cross the right thumb over the left thumb; women cross the left thumb over the right thumb. 

    To do Sat Kriya rhythmically chanting “Sat Nam,” emphasize “Sat” as you pull the navel in. On “Nam,” release the lock, focus at the brow point. Continue for 3 minutes. Then inhale, suspend the breath, apply Mulbandh and imagine your energy radiating from the navel point and circulating throughout the body. Relax. Repeat the exercise for 3 minutes. Then inhale, apply Mulbandh, and mentally draw the energy to the top of the fingertips. Relax.

This exercise releases energy stored at the navel point. 

  1. Spinal FlexEasy Pose Spinal Flex. Grasp the shins with both hands. Inhale, stretch the spine forward. Exhale, let the spine flex backwards. Keep the head level during the movements. On each inhale mentally vibrate the mantra “Sat,” on the exhale, mentally vibrate “Nam.” On each exhale apply Mulbandh. Continue rhythmically with deep breaths 108 times. Then inhale, hold briefly with the spine perfectly straight. Relax.

This exercise brings the released Kundalini energy along the path of the spine and aids in its flexibility. 

  1. Frog PoseFrog Pose. Squat, the heels together and up off the ground. Fingers are on the ground between the knees. Lift the head up in this position. Inhale, raise the buttocks high, lower the forehead towards the knees and keep the heels off the ground. Exhale and come back to the original squatting position, face forward. Continue with deep breaths 26 times. Inhale up, then relax down onto the heels.

This transforms the sexual energy.


  1. Neck TurnsNeck Turns. Sitting on the heels, place the hands on the thighs. With the spine very straight, inhale deeply and turn the head to the left. Mentally chant “Sat.” Exhale completely as you turn the head to the right. Mentally chant “Nam.” Continue inhaling and exhaling for 3 minutes. Inhale with the head straight forward and relax.

This opens the throat chakra, stimulates circulation to the head and works on the thyroid and parathyroid glands. 

  1. Spinal Bend. Sit in Easy Pose. Put the hands on the shoulders with the fingers in front and the thumbs in the back. The upper arms and elbows are parallel to the ground. Inhale as you bend to the left, exhale and bend to the right. Continue this swaying motion with deep breaths for 3 minutes. Then inhale straight. Relax.

This exercise flexes the spine, distributes the energy over the whole body and balances the magnetic field. 

  1. MeditateMeditate. Sit in a perfect meditative posture with the spine straight. Direct all attention through the Brow Point. Pull the Navel Point in — hold it — apply Mulbandh. Watch the flow of breath. On the inhale, listen to silent “Sat.” On the exhale, listen to silent, “Nam.” Continue 6 minutes or longer.

This will take you into a deep self-healing meditation. 

Comments: This kriya is named after the energy of the sun. When you have a lot of “sun energy,” you do not get cold; you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. It is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down. It aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action-oriented. The exercises systematically stimulate the positive pranic force and the Kundalini energy itself. This should occasionally be in your regular sadhana practice to build the strength of your body and your ability to focus on many tasks.


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