Life's Little Gems

Yogi Bhajan Laugh til I Cried

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Today things just didn’t go as planned, and this tweaked my memory to 25 years ago.

In September, 1985, I was driving the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan up to Santa Barbara, CA, to a meeting. These were intimate times when I could ask him anything and everything. This particular day I asked him a rather mundane question; his answer was anything but.

In innocence and ignorance, I turned to him and said, “Sir, what do you do when you ‘get out of bed on the wrong side.” He immediately responded, “What’s this wrong side of...

Yogi Bhajan: Hand in Hand

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Today I remembered something that made me smile about my days with the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan. When we were in LA, I would pick him up at Dr. Allen’s house, where he lived, and we would journey off to Beverly Hills for lunch at La Scala. Afterwards, we would either go to a movie, or walk down Beverly Drive to visit various shops.

Many times as we walked down the street, he would grab my hand and hold it tightly. This is a typical Punjabi cultural habit, but I must admit, although I love...

Yogi Bhajan and the Big Dawgs

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I’m in my house in Espanola, enjoying the holiday season. It was usually at this time of the year when I would travel to India with the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan. I was privileged to travel the world several times over with him, but going to India was always a highlight. It was always a great blessing and an unpredictable experience.

I must admit, the most fun I had was when we would meet a snobby person in a high position who thought more of themselves than they should. It was very entertaining when Yogi...

Yogi Bhajan Says Hello

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I’m writing you today because of our shared relationship with Yogi Bhajan and his teachings. As winter solstice approaches, I am reminded of my first days in 3HO, 35 years ago. When I first met Yogi Bhajan, he asked me to do a challenging task. I performed it and was very proud of myself. In fact, I was so proud of myself, that I asked him “Sir, were you happy with the results of what I did?” He replied, “Was I happy? I thought you did it to make YOU happy!” I was shocked, as he...

Yogi Bhajan, Which Song: “Crying Time, or” “Party Time”

Sat Nam Dear Family,

The Master would be asked to meet all sorts of people. They would come for appointments or we’d meet them for lunch; we’d visit their homes and go to their parties. Such was the occasion in September of 1978. I picked the Master up at 6:00 in the evening.

We were alone in the car leaving the driveway when one of his secretaries came rushing up. “Do you know how to get to this address on Stanley Avenue,” she inquired as she shoved the address in my hand. I assured her I did and off we...