Yogi Bhajan, Across the Terrible World Ocean

Sat Nam Dear Family,

The greatest lesson, at least so far, that I learned from the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, is when he’d let me know in no uncertain terms what is required, both on this earth and in the heavens. Time and time again I hear his pleas. Time and time I put them off until I no longer could. His constant reminding of what was necessary, eventually, and thankfully, has had it’s way with me. That’s the love of a teacher flowing through me.

Here’s the thing, I still hear him. All the time. He knows me inside and out. He doesn’t care. All he wants is for me to live in transparency. At first that seems easy enough. Think again. Transparency requires self-analysis to the core if it’s to be real. And, that kind of transparency is painful.

If your lucky enough to have a true spiritual teacher, the pain of transparency can be mitigated, managed, and maneuvered. Here’s how my teacher did it for me.

First, the student has to get to the point where he/she can see what’s necessary, what changes in consciousness will lead to becoming transparent. With his constant pounding, this was easy.

Next, the pain of self-awareness must come into view and it can be too much! Kundalini Yoga to the rescue. Self-awareness and Kundalini Yoga go hand and hand. Each one makes the other bearable, and together they produce wisdom.

Finally, Sikh Dharma kicks in. The way to Guru’s Court is at His discretion. None the less, there are certain protocols which we know from Guru’s teachings that he likes. So as to make ourself more attractive, we perform those protocols consciously. We do so in the prayer that Guru takes pity on us and knows the pureness of our heart in spite of any outside flaws. We promise to continue to work on them, we just can’t wait to serve Him more.

So, gratitude becomes the outcome of awareness, awareness of who gave you everything. And, recognizing how the vastness of who you have been personally blessed you are grateful once again to be such a person.

For a student of our beloved teacher, this relationship is priceless. And, it doesn’t end there. At this point, the teacher has forced the student’s surrender. There is no other way out. Otherwise, he’s stuck for who know how many lifetimes. Our teacher won’t allow that. He keeps adding more and more awareness and pressure until you either break or surrender. Either way is fine with him, he just wants movement from the inertia which immobilizes the student. So he provides another new opportunity to beat the odds, to bypass immovable objects and to be forewarned. A true spiritual teacher is a gift from God Himself.

We’re not done yet, there’s more. Surrendering is a funny thing. I used to pray for God to give me what I needed to surrender. My teacher taught me differently. He said that the way to surrender is to relax and bathe in the experience of contentment. You need relaxation for this next step.

He taught that spirituality becomes real when you do it’s protocol correctly. When “you do it.” That’s the key. You can’t call on anyone else, your God, your Guru, your Teacher. At this point they’re of no help. It’s all on your own shoulders. The student must count on, rely on, depend on, only himself. Here’s the thing, at this point, all your teacher, your Guru, your God can do for you is extend time. The action is totally up to the student no matter how much he call out for help. Eventually, it’s “you” which makes yourself transparent. There’s no getting around that, so suck it up, keep your mind under control, conquer yourself, and prove to your God that He should take notice. Prove that you’re ready for Guru Prasad, God’s blessing of acceptance, and pray for that blessing. It’s really the only self-prayer acceptable.! Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative

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