Seva Sadhana

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Happy Guru Ram Das Dev jigs birthday!! Yesterday, was the day! Here at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Espanola, we came together for 11 evenings to pray, chant and share food together, all in the love of Guru Ram Das. He is the Lord of Miracles and so we set out intentions and came before him to ask his blessings. The glorious photo is of our beautiful Gurdwara as it glowed this morning during our Amrit Vela chanting, decorated with such love and affection by Tera Kaur and her team, to exalt our Guru!

I want to share my gratitude now for a miracle come true for me! For years I have been thinking that the one thing missing from our teaching technique these days is the lack of an ashram experience. I know the power of that experience because it changed me forever! That experience also changed us quickly. Anyone who comes from that experience will verify what I say. It was a revolutionary experience for us Americans. It was a revolutionary idea with a revolutionary technique.

Living in ashrams was one of those revolutionary ideas. Rising at 3:30 AM, taking a cold shower, participating in group sadhana, doing karma yoga, working full time, serving the will of the teacher, surrendering to the will of the local ashram director (right or wrong), following a chain of command, need I go on.

Some time ago, Kirpal Singh and Abhai Raj Singh began a program called “Seva Sadhana.” For me personally, it was a dream come true. It’s been through growing pains, but it is now firmly established. We’re just at the beginning of the most cutting edge spirituality ever created. Please, let me explain.

I see this Seva Sadhana program serving the planet at a unique and elevated frequency. This program will become the training ground for the leaders of this world in the future. It will serve two main purposes initially. It will provide an ashram experience, a literal smorgasbord of spiritual opportunities to serve and love. The other function will serve as a landing station for all potential leaders from all over the world. They will learn the way the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, wanted things to run. He set the standard, and now this program will share this standard worldwide so that all will be following the standard set by our teacher.

This program introduces the Siri Singh Sahib’s way to the world. Someone worshipping in Chile, in China, in Russia, everywhere who experienced the Seva Sadhana program will share the same understanding of what the Siri Singh Sahib expected. It’s our way of doing what we can to insure that his teachings remain in their purity, as he willed worldwide. After all, we saw what he wanted in action, so it’s no surprise that it is our duty to keep his standard pure. No matter how impure we may be, that’s no excuse for compromising the standard he left. It’s actually his blessing to leave us this great roadmap. When we leave it, we leave our blessing whether we realize it or not.

This Seva Sadhana program carries the message of his standard. After all, we lived to a great extent this standard. It’s the way his standard infuses the world with hope, then technology, then the experience of happiness, happiness in all situations. What better gift can we share with a world filled with doubt, then a way to be happy no matter what. And, better still, it’s a way drenched in reality, not fantasy. It’s the real deal.

This real deal part is the part we share with with world. We offer the opportunity to those who want more out of life to explore our promise. Our promise is an opportunity, not a guarantee. I know most want to hear that it’s a blessing, and it is, but not in the way you think. It’s a blessing for the opportunity it presents, not for the results you seek. That’s the carrot. There’s no guarantee you’ll succeed. That’s the hard reality. So, be grateful for just the opportunity to serve and love greater and greater and you’ll be focused on the right thing. Don't’ seek results, seek gratitude.

The Seva Sadhana program shares the technology of gratitude with the world. It’s a great blessing to teach the art of gratitude. That’s what this program will do for this world, that’s what the teachings We have been called; now we must fulfill that calling. We, who have kept-up have this last duty. teach. Gratitude guarantees happiness. This program is a dream come true, miracles do happen, prayer worked again.

The Siri Singh Sahib often talked in terms of ownership, ownership in this dharma. He has been misinterpreted on this issue. He wasn’t referring to ownership of this dharma (which some have taken as permission for making the prosperity of this dharma as their private piggy bank), he meant that we take ownership in the stewardship of this dharma.

We are stewards first, last, and always. Guru ji owns this dharma, always has, always will. He sets the standards, we follow. We don’t change any standard unless it’s absolutely legally necessary (which is very rare). If we become the great teacher, if we are bestowed a seat in Guru ji’s court, if God Himself makes us his ward and his love, our duty is to be a greater steward through following and sharing His standards more and more. The Seva Sadhana program is this dharma’s standard bearer. This is where the total experience of this dharma is maintained and shared. Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative

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