Diatribe from the Sahib Scribe

Sat Nam Dear Family,

In gratitude that I have been blessed with a unique view of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, I take this as a command to be his scribe. Why not? Both of us were old fashioned, so why shouldn’t he have a scribe like in the old days? And, why shouldn’t that scribe be me? I was well trained and positioned for the job.

And, I can tell you this, it’s an unbelievable experience, It’s a great challenge, that I know. Without true devotion, misunderstanding can lead to unfavorable consequences. It’s also has great benefits. I love the challenge. I know the game. As his scribe it’s my duty to always bow in reverence to how he lived, to who he was, and to how his legacy is to be preserved.

I’m not a journalist. I’m not an editorialist. I’m a scribe. A scribe who witnessed personally how a great man lived. That’s my story to tell. I’m a documentarian. The beauty in my job lies in the experience of a deeper and deeper understanding so his story can be told from his perspective.

I fully know what an honor this is and that makes me grateful. That turns to devotion when gratitude runs out. And, devotion blends into love, love so deep that there’s no difference between your thinking and the will of God - that’s the beautiful blessing. That experience creates a view of reality in a scribe. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not tooting my own horn, it’s an experience which must also be accompanied by humility. The experience is a temporarily gift, and not owned by the scribe. Thank God I’ve learned that lesson.

I’ll share with you how I’ve come to understand this. Hypothetically, if you were to become a hundred times greater than the Siri Singh Sahib, true understanding dictates that there must be continued reverence to him no matter how great you think you are. Your teacher made you who you are. And, if you are happy with yourself, then you must praise your teacher and mean it, or you can praise yourself instead and show yourself as less than advertised. The choice is yours, but, if you’re a true beloved, the praise of the teacher, the praise the Guru, or the praise of God is all that’s necessary.

Not only do I follow these rules, I enjoy them because of the fruits they bare. The fruit of this devotion is a deeper and deeper understanding of the exquisite subtly in his life. This awareness of his greatness, this deeper understanding of his compassion, this look into his depth, and the deeper recognition of his love and service to all our lives, makes you grateful even if you never knew gratitude existed. It’s a non-stop trip to gratitude without passing go, without even trying. This is what the blessing and obligation of being a scribe to a great man becomes.

This greater understanding of who he was has taught me that he saw himself as seated in the court of Guru Ram Das. He had a seat there because he was selected by Guru ji Himself to be worthy. Worthy enough is defined as surrendering to the correct and acceptable service to Guru ji. These are the seated ones in Guru ji’s court. These are the blessed ones who can't do enough of whatever the Guru wills. These are the true servants. These are referred to as Gurumukhs, the devoted ones.

These are the ones who’s devotion has created contentment. These are the ones who’s projection becomes reality. These are the ones who’s love has another gear. These are the ones who God blesses in spades. This is who this scribe writes about as this is how I see the Siri Singh Sahib. I was blessed to see how God loved him. In fact, I prospered from it and continue to do so.

Whether I knew it at the time or not, I prospered from serving him. I know it now. Some realized this, others not so much. Like winning the lottery, miraculously I was allowed to live it. I lived royally. His projection became my reality and, all along, I was a willing participant. I shared with him. I gave him what he couldn't give himself. He owned me. Almost universally, I was prepared to do whatever pleased him. The reward for pleasing him is that his will is always for my benefit. So, pleasing him is pleasing me. What a great thing. It’s like spiritual capitalism: I sacrifice in service to my teacher’s happiness, and my desire for happiness becomes real.

He’s not dead. If you serve him as if he’s right with you now, because he is, then prosperity will enter your life. I know this, I continue to live this. It’s a little more difficult now that he’s not here physically, it takes a bit more faith. Nevertheless, the opportunity still exists to serve him through the teachings. This is where the heart of prosperity lies. This is where opportunities (some call them challenges or tests, I’m not caught up on the vernacular) abound. This is where growth exists.

I can only write about this because I’ve been blessed to see it. Not because of anything I’ve done. But, only because I’ve been given the sacred duty of explaining who our teacher truly was. I need to see that truth, his truth, in order to properly be his scribe. It has only to do with my positioning and my job.

I take no pride in any sacred views I may be blessed to experience, rather, I’m in awe of these views and am more and more grateful for this blessed duty. I realize that these views are awarenesses which must be lived to take one to the next level. I’m past the ‘why me’ stage, and am now into the ‘thank you’ mode. It’s a grand step up. Love the right thing and there no longer becomes any wrong thing. What a security that is!!

This is a very special time. It is the birthday season of Guru Ram Das. For 11 days before his birthday on October 9th, we chant ‘Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru’ together as a Sangat in our Ashrams all over the world. We pay homage to the Guru, that which takes us from darkness to light. Our beloved teacher’s relationship with Guru Ram Das was so special that it was no surprise that he left this earthly planet on October 6th, during this precious time, in honor of Guru Ram Das. thirteen years ago. His timing, as always, was impeccable. At this season of Guru Ram Das Dev Ji’s birthday, and the passing of our beloved teacher into the light, tune in, meditate more and experience the bliss of this sacred connection. Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative

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