Chill with Goodwill

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, was a teacher dictated by his compassion. What does compassion mean exactly? I think an example will give a better understanding.

As the years went by, this dharma didn’t have the tremendous growth it initially experienced. This led our teacher to focus more on organizational issues. This meant the consolidation and coordination of a fully functional dharma, replete with Sikh Dharma, 3HO, dharmic businesses, outreach, etc. and became his main focus during these years.

In the beginning, all the jobs he needed done were filled as seva, or with a small recompense. Eventually, more and more jobs needing to be filled and this became the norm. Our beloved teacher became the CMA, Chief Management Authority. In addition to his other duties, he directed organizational matters personally. His word was law. It became easy and hard at the same time: easy, because there was no confusion; hard, because following the law isn’t easy, especially, the best of laws!

He became the CMA over many people, many entities, and lots of money. He built this dharma with a different system, a system based on compassion. In the decades I spent with him, he fired less than a handful of people. And, that was almost totally dictated by legal or cultural necessities.

Don’t all companies fire people who are inefficient? Of course they do, at least profitable ones do. The question became: How do you grow a company, a religion, a lifestyle, a technology with a bunch of young, innocent students who know little about success? He did. He built the ultimate Aquarian Businesses, the model for conscious businesses.

This dharma was built on compassion, the compassion to never give up on anyone, as firing someone would surely show. Sure, he moved students, employees, and sevadars around. In fact, there was one student that he moved around five or six times. And, here’s the grace of our teacher: the student thought that he did it to give him more experience. That wasn’t the case at all as I was present with him and a secretary or two as they discussed when and why movement was necessary. It was because delivery was missing in his current position. But, the grace of the teacher insured that it was done so subtly and so consciously that the student never realized the true reason.

What a blessing it was to see his grace. It was like a chess game. One time he told me that his grandfather taught him that everyone has a use. It’s up to the leader to place him so that this use can work for everyone. Sometimes finding the right spot takes some time and some movement.

What did he mean by inefficient? In this organization, this meant that the student wasn’t delivering what the job required. That’s it. So, the chess game continued perpetually. As time went on, more and more pieces of the puzzle fit into place, either through movement or training. And, that right there is the blessing which allowed us to compete, in fact, surpass competition.

His system made “goodwill” as important a goal as profit. “Goodwill” starts with ourselves and ends with our others, in this case, our clients. An organization, a teacher, a business they can only share what they have themselves. “Goodwill” was as much for students to gain as it’s necessary for the student, the organization, the business to truly share.

The “no fire” concept is the ultimate “goodwill” gesture. Goodwill was the generator of this dharma’s compassion. It’s was so good that Guru Ji took notice. And, by “so good,” I mean patience was built in as well and necessarily followed acts of “goodwill.” He was patient. He kept up. He persevered. He endured. And, he conquered. “Goodwill” was his ace in the hole, his ticket to God’s grace.

This dharma prospered. With very few qualified people, with a system which bucked the trend, with his perpetual projection, we beat the odds. And, I mean heavy odds against us. He created the model for the Aquarian age. It’s not an easy system. It takes commitment, courage, patience discipline and delivery. And, most importantly, it takes God’s grace, and that never comes quickly enough or is guaranteed at all.

Positioning is the key. Positioning is created through duty, dutiful as in creating “goodwill.” So, “goodwill” in his mission was defined through his compassion. Compassion was the key to his delivery, and he delivered.

Now it’s our turn. Through his example, we must install, reinstall, create, revert, continue, whatever it takes to assure that we define ourselves by or compassion, our “goodwill.” We have no choice whether we realize or not. “Goodwill” is our standard. “Goodwill” is how we garner Guru Ji’s attention. Our “goodwill” is one thing which must never change. Yes, Virginia, there are some absolutes. In the case of this dharma, “goodwill” and compassion are an absolute for our prosperity. Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative

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