Yogi Bhajan, Which Song: “Crying Time, or” “Party Time”

Sat Nam Dear Family,

The Master would be asked to meet all sorts of people. They would come for appointments or we’d meet them for lunch; we’d visit their homes and go to their parties. Such was the occasion in September of 1978. I picked the Master up at 6:00 in the evening.

We were alone in the car leaving the driveway when one of his secretaries came rushing up. “Do you know how to get to this address on Stanley Avenue,” she inquired as she shoved the address in my hand. I assured her I did and off we went.

A woman in her mid thirties who had been spending a lot of time with us had invited us to a party at her house. She had our acquaintance through being friendly with someone on the staff. She was a vivacious woman who worked in the industry (that’s Hollywood jargon for the entertainment industry). Her friends and associates were the young “yuppie” types of the late 1970’s. This was just too good of an invitation to pass up.

As we entered the party I quickly looked for a seat and view of the environment for the Master to enjoy. The party was crowded and spilled to the outside patio. As if arranged on key, the best seat in the house was being vacated simultaneously as we arrived. He was to sit there and hold court. I was to negotiate the room and bring him people to interact with and, at the same time, always keep an eye on him to make sure he was taken care of. It was entertainment; it was teaching; it was educational; it was another experience. It was worthwhile. He enjoyed himself at times like these.

I came to know that our hostess had cancer and was having great difficulty in understanding the apparent injustice of her circumstances. On one occasion, he gently said to her, “your cancer is from your anger. Defeat your anger and you’ll defeat cancer.” After at first being taken aback, she said, “I’ll take a look at that.”  “You do that darling,” he said sweetly, “and the quicker the better.”

That was it. I didn’t see her for several months, maybe even six months, but when I saw her again she looked terrible. She was dying. I was then privy to an intimate conversation when one soul touches another.

As we were seated next to her bed, she turned directly to the Master and said, “You know sir, when you told me to look at my anger, the first thing I did was get angry. Then I started to look at it. I’ve spent the past six months doing nothing else. You were so right,” she continued, “My anger is my problem. I say that because I, now, must always be on guard. Because of you, I now know why I’m here and what duty I must perform. When you said to me, ‘defeat your anger and you’ll defeat your cancer,’ I literally had no idea of what you were talking. I have worked to overcome my anger. While I can’t judge how much is left, this much I know. I have conquered my anger to such a degree that I no longer have any problem with death. I even, in an exhilarating way, look forward to it.  I’ve done what you requested and what I needed to do.  I am confident of where I’m going. I know I was sent here to deal with my anger issue; God had to give me cancer to recognize this; I was so stubborn that , thank God, He had to send me to you to remind me and tell me directly what I must do. I cannot thank you enough. How can I express the gratitude I hold for the wisdom you shared? I can’t, but you know it. I love you so much.  I have defeated my cancer as you have set me free.”

“You did it darling, I was just the messenger,” the Master replied. We all smiled and left in peace. Another mission accomplished.

Stay tuned,

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Sikh Dharma

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