Yogi Bhajan, Couples do Clash and Crash

Sat Nam Dear Family,

It was around 1991 and we were in Hawaii. It seems like we went to Hawaii all the time because several of these vignettes take place there, but, really that’s not the case. In the 30 years I spent with the Siri Singh Sahib, we went to Hawaii 3 or 4 times.

He was in Hawaii on this occasion to help a couple of students who had gone their own way but now needed him to fix their current situation.  Naturally, he served them because he was asked. His relationship with this couple was very intimate and so he went.

This experience was an eye opener for me. I saw how lives play out. I saw that he knew what was going to happen years before it happened and had told everyone at the time. I now saw this play out just like he had said. I saw the pain of consequences. I saw the grace of the Master in giving without judgment. I saw truth in action.

The experience was dreamlike in that I was watching a couple’s life play out as if it were the conclusion of a mini-series I had been watching unfold for many years. Please don’t misunderstand, I could feel the great pain of the situation and had deep compassion, but the show was just too impactful to ignore.

A great lesson of life became clear. Many believe they are courageous in being willing to accept the consequences of acting in an ill manner. Enjoying the moment is too big a lure (like love, money or power). In spite of many warnings earnestly given, most think, “I’ll deal with the consequences later,” Life unfolds and the truth is still the truth. I saw the consequences of this couple’s actions and, objectively speaking , nothing they did, nothing they enjoyed was worth the end. Those were the words of the individuals involved, not mine. I just agree. I heard one of them express that this had been a living Hell! If either would have listened to their teacher, neither would have started the sequence that led to the consequence. 

Remember, the sign on the road to Hell reads: Heaven just ahead.  So, I learned again, get out of your own way and just follow the instructions of your teacher. This truth keeps you focused. The beauty of a great teacher is that he continually keeps the student focused in the right direction.

Stay Tuned,

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Sikh Dharma

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