Yogi Bhajan, Spirituality or Bust

Sat Nam Dear Family,

In the early years (the late 70’s and early 80’s) when just he and I would venture out every afternoon, I would be the Siri Singh Sahib’s driver, security, reconnaissance, communicator, entertainment coordinator, or whatever else was needed on the spot.

This was always challenging because I wasn’t raised with the proper tutoring. It was “on the job” training and I was most grateful for the tolerance and patience he showed as I messed up more times than I care to count. He didn’t tell me what or how to do something or criticize me when I didn’t “get it!” He just “kept up” for over 30 years giving until I got it, or not.

It was during these times I was allowed to ask him questions. One day in March of 1979 as we were driving to Jason’s Falafel House in Westwood, I asked him, “Sir, how do you know when you become spiritual?” He answered, “What difference does it make; all you need to do is keep up practicing.” Then, as was our relationship, when I asked him a question that he didn’t want to answer at the moment, he would pause, but then continue with the answer, “Well, if you must judge yourself, spirituality is a progression to when you enter the subtle realm of existence and God works for you and through you.” Without my asking, he explained further, “When your affairs are taken care of by God and when your teaching is provided by God, you’ve entered what is called ‘entry level’ spirituality. When you become aware of this, life becomes effortless. That’s where true spirituality begins. If you’re still complaining, you’re not there; you’re on the progression ladder. And, like I said earlier, just keep up, the ladder becomes easier to climb with gifts along the steps.”

I was living a fairy tale. I saw in him the hope that there is a “happily ever after” and happily ever after is now.  He was living it and I wanted it. It truly was real. He pointed me in the right direction, pushed me along, and picked me up along the path.  Why me, I used to ask myself. Anyway, “Thank God.”

Stay tuned,

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Sikh Dharma

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