Yogi Bhajan, A Gem of a Deal

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I looked outside the hotel window at the beautiful emerald colored golf course. It was early February 1992 and the temperature was going up to 75 degrees with no clouds in the sky.  This year I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the golf course. I was in Tucson with the Siri Singh Sahib and a dozen or so others. We were there for the Tucson Gem Show, the largest in the world. I was in the gem business so we had wholesale passes.

 The Siri Singh Sahib really enjoyed these shows. There were gem dealers, buyers, admirers, you name it and many we knew from L.A. They always treated him with dignity and respect. It’s funny who could see who he was and who couldn’t or forgot.  The few days we were there, he would teach, buy gems, enjoy the show, and relax. It was an easy flight (especially compared to the long distances we usually had to travel), a larger number of students came along, and the environment was satisfying. He was content. We continued coming back for several years until his health limited his travel.

Interestingly, this past Wednesday, I flew to Tucson again. We were picked up by my spiritual brother Dr. Dharma and his lovely wife, Kirti. They were terrific hosts and oh so fun to be with as well. Traveling is so much easier with family to help. They made traveling effortless.

After a quick lunch at Ali Baba’s, we were off to the gem show. I hadn’t been back to the show in many years and had a strange experience as we approached the convention center. I didn’t know why, but I was anxious.

As we entered the Pavilions it hit me. Everything was familiar. My only and repeated experience of this environment was with the Siri Singh Sahib. A wave memory of our past visits rushed over me.  I ran into scores of people who remembered and asked about the Master with true affection.  I was really taken aback as it was like he was at the next booth about to call my name to come over and get my appraisal on a gemstone at which he was looking. I was constantly on guard, aware that any moment I would have to leave what I was doing and answer his command. But, alas, the awareness that I was alone returned. I know he’s always with me, but, at moments like this, I do miss his physical presence.

I allowed myself to live in that memory for just a moment. It was a fantastic memory that I still carry with me. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’ll continue to enjoy it. That moment is filled with security, love, trust, and truth. It’s not a bad thing to carry around.

One of the highlights of the trip came when I was observing a beautiful 3+ carat ruby at a fantastic price. At that point I remembered his great teachings on gemstones. I could picture him calling me over and showing it to me, as he explained the healing properties of rubies. The Siri Singh Sahib loved rubies as in the Ayurvedic system they represent the Sun, make one more assertive, independent, and disciplined in a creative and nurturing way. He once told me that those who wear rubies promote in themselves a nature of harmony, love and a trust that they have all that is necessary to manifest what they want and need. And, here’s the best part, rubies remove fear.

I realized that he would have made me purchase this ruby. I bought it, and will have it mounted in a beautiful Adi Shakti pin for some lucky person.

Stay tuned,

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Sikh Dharma

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