Yogi Bhajan and the Black Tantric Man

Sat Nam Dear Family,

In March of 1988, the Siri Singh Sahib was visiting my house in L.A. On this particular evening, he had brought his staff members, some close students, and a yogi who was visiting from India. After our shared meal, the Siri Singh Sahib ji informed us that the yogi was going to do a few tricks, using his skills as a practitioner of black tantric, a path similar to some extent to witchcraft and magic.  For the Siri Singh Sahib ji this was pure fun and entertainment, as his presence would protect us from any potential threat.  For an unstated reason, he had us leave my house and gather at another a few blocks away.

To begin, this man asked that I lie on the couch.  He had me pull up my kurta to expose my tummy. He then placed a metal bottle cap right above my navel point.  Seated across the room, he began chanting. As he continued, the cap became warm and then hot and then hotter.  Pretty soon the heat became unbearable and I flicked the cap off immediately.  I couldn’t believe it.  Neither could others.  He proceeded to repeat this trick with a couple of other skeptics, one of whom still bears a scar from the burn.

He gave another demonstration, requesting that I hold out my hands in prayer pose.  He moved his hands as if they were patting mine but never touching them and he began to chant. He then asked me to smell my hands.  I was shocked!  I inhaled the most intoxicating fragrance I had ever encountered. It was a combination of Mysore Sandalwood combined with a touch of Turkish Rose. Try as I may, wash as I might, the scent stayed on my hands for over a month (I’m sure people thought I had some sort of phobia as I could not help but sniffing my hands periodically throughout the day).

After the giddiness of the experience subsided, and the black tantric man departed, I asked the Siri Singh Sahib, “So, magic is real, Sir?” He turned to me and said, “No son, it’s an illusion like everything else. The things he performed came through the sound current, just as every other thing in this phenomenal (physical) world does. He’s used it to learn how to manipulate the outside world. We use it to elevate our consciousness.”

Stay tuned, Sat Nam

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa,

Chief of Protocol,

Sikh Dharma of the West

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