Yogi Bhajan's Naad child

In April of 1974 I was sitting on the couch in my apartment in St. Louis watching football on T.V. and reading in between plays. I had been going to Kundalini yoga classes every evening for six months and wanted to know more about Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought this yoga to America. This was in the early days of 3HO and the only literature available was a stapled mimeographed (it looked like a school test) magazine called Beads of Truth.

There are very few Buddhas, Christs, or Guru Nanaks that make it to this earth. And, it’s difficult to live up to their teachings, especially if you’re a novice searching for life’s meaning. Several years before I had either heard or read, and I know I believed, that to be spiritual, all one had to do is to leave this earth better than one found it (thus raise the vibration). The easiest way to do this was to raise your children to be better than you. Well, that sounded easy and right. Yes, it was right, but it’s not easy. As your children become better than you, it becomes incumbent upon you to be a better example tomorrow so the growth can continue. It becomes an endless requirement – and definitely not easy. So Kundalini yoga became my preparation tool.

As I continued to read Beads of Truth, Yogi Bhajan’s lectures began to ring with truth in my heart and mind. Then I read something which changed my life forever. One line, one phrase, one short sentence, and I’ve been his ever since. He said, “I want you all to be ten times greater than me.” Wow. That sure rang a bell with me. Yogi Bhajan wanted his spiritual children to be greater than he. I thought, this man thinks like I do (what a mistaken criteria that is for selecting a spiritual teacher, but, fortunately, it worked for me).

I needed to know more about this man.  It’s almost been four decades since that moment, and I am still learning more every day.

Stay tuned,

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalas

Chief of Protocol

Sikh Dharma

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