Negative Thoughts are a Luxury We Cannot Afford

The day before yesterday, I was talking with someone very close to me about their success in their life - or lack the thereof in their case. The focus of the discussion gravitated to the fact that no matter how hard they worked and tried, they still weren't successful in their life.

Now, this person is an extremely hard worker, completely devoted, intelligent, skilled, competent and there is no reason that they shouldn't have all The Universe has to offer. So what is it, why aren't they successful? It boils down to this, we are all amazing beings with unlimited potential, we are essentially walking miracles. There are countless ways we can experience our unlimited self and there are countless ways we can experience our limited self. Well, this person is stuck in their limited self, everything that comes their way is filed away in neat little limited folders. It has to do with their ability to see the positive in all, the unlimited in all.

Negative thinking is the uncontrolled process of standing by while your mind pours out continuous negative thoughts. Each of these thoughts limits expansion and, thus, success. Success is a habit. The more your habit includes negative thinking, the more limited your success will be. After all, the saying "you are what you eat" also holds true to "you are what you think".

So, the question becomes: how can I control negative thinking? This is a time honored query. Everything, from religion, to philosophy, to meditation, even something as simple as a string around your finger, has been used for awareness and change. Well then, what’s the problem and what’s the solution? The problem is our reluctance to change; the solution is to change our attitude.

So, this is a two pronged solution. First, there is a duty to keep watching how we think in spite of the drudgery, pain and perpetual time it takes. Second, we must watch how we think with full attention. Well, you ask, how do I do this? How can I watch what I think? After all, the intellect releases a thousand thoughts a second. Practice, practice is the answer. Keep up the practice of watching what comes to your mind. Pay absolute attention to the thoughts that work against your goals.

When you catch yourself thinking negatively, don’t get mad. Don’t condemn yourself. Gently and gracefully remind yourself, “Oh, there I am thinking I can’t do this, well, that’s not how I think anymore. Now I know I CAN do this.” Make this process your pattern, your habit, your meditation. With diligence and perseverance, your habitual negativity will transform into reliable positivity. This will manifest happiness, success and unlimited possibility.

The beauty about the Tantric Necklace is that it will boost your practice and help to remove the blocks in you that stop you from experiencing your unlimited self.

With diligent practice, it is possible to see the positive in all, that is success.

Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

PS. "The Tantric Necklace looks good, I love it!" Laura, Ontario, CA.

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