What The Tantric Necklace Mala Will do for You

First, let me explain why gems work. Gems work on the subtle plane of existence. What is the subtle plane? Let me give you an example. Let’s say we walk outside on a clear night with no moon shining. The stars are glowing. I point to the North Star and say “Do you see it.” “Of course,” you would respond. Then I say “Do you see the star directly at the top of the North Star? “You might say, “Yes, I do, but it keeps blinking in and out.” Then I would add, “Do you see the star directly above that blinking star?” You then might say, “No, I can’t see it. I see something, but I’m not sure what it is.”

A yogi, a seer, is able to see the third star. Not only that, if the yogi is a teacher, he/she will be able to teach their student to also, eventually, see this star. This third star is where the subtly of existence lies. Ordinarily, this view is out of the reach of normal awareness. But, it’s at this level where life is lived in the fourth dimension. This subtle level is where dreams are realized, where perspective is different, where true happiness becomes real.

The Tantric Necklace Mala works in this fourth dimension, in this subtle realm. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Here’s the question: Do we get what we deserve; do we deserve more, or less, can we get more, how? Here’s how. Yes, we get what we deserve, but there is more available to us if we can tap into it. We work hard for results, but, usually, we receive less that we bargained for. We usually attribute this limitation to a need to work harder or smarter. Well, that may be true, but there’s more to the story. The Infinite is set up to give us more than we bargained for, but we unwittingly reject much of our reward. This is because of our worthiness (or unworthiness) factor. We tell ourselves subconsciously that we aren’t worthy for it all; we don’t want the responsibility of it all; we don’t deserve it all; you can put in your own limit. We limit what we allow in, usually without even knowing it.

The Tantric Necklace Mala is designed in a unique geometrical pattern which has been worn by Tantric Masters for millennia. The design was conceived by these Masters in deep meditation to reflect a unique way of allowing the wearer to accept more rewards than he/she was capable handling of in the past. By opening these limiting blocks, the wearer experiences life with a more reward filled enjoyment. The wearer gets more of what he/she has already earned. This blessing is bestowed in this subtle realm and will be experienced whether the wearer is aware of it or not.

Those that are more sensitive may experience it immediately. But, even if you never experience it directly, the wearer’s life will be changed because of it. Seen or unseen, known or unknown, experienced or not, God’s unique gift of The Tantric Necklace will change your life – period.


Hari Jiwan


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