Ornamentation for the Soul

For me, gemstones have a "siren" like allure. When I see the soft velvety nature of an emerald or the cherry candy like color of a ruby, I want to touch it or eat it. I'm hooked. But, I must admit, loving gemstones is usually an acquired taste.

I have learned to further love gemstones for another far more important reason. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still love their beauty, but there is life beyond life and there is gemstone beauty beyond beauty. Here's how it works.

Gemstones work on the subtle level of consciousness. What is this, you ask? Well, it's almost self evident. The subtle level of consciousness is a state which is not in the awareness of most humans. They haven’t consciously experienced this level of existence. Gemstones works on this level. While most are unaware of its process, none can escape its effects. It works whether you believe it or not; whether you feel the process or not; whether you like it or not. It’s real. And, like with everything, the more you believe in it the better it works. 

The first thing gemstones help with is faith. Otherwise, who is going to believe that a "rock" can have any effect on the body, the mind, and the consciousness? After all, it's just a rock. Well, many people do think like this. Gemstones train the mind to think positively. The more you put your faith in the gemstone effects, the more you experience it working. This is one of the beauties of gemstones, that the more you experience the gemstone effect working, the more faith enters your life. Right away, life is much better.

The next benefit of gemstones comes under the science of gemology. Gemology defines which gemstone or gemstones would be most auspicious for a specific user. With the proper guidance, the user of an auspicious gemstone can offset specific life hindrances. This enables the user to direct his/her energy much more effectively. Benefiting from this science builds discrimination in the user. 

Another benefit of gemstones is their beauty in wearing. There are a lot of reasons for not doing something you don't want to do, but there is no reason for not doing what you need to do. Displaying gemstones to the world is a declaration that you feel so good about yourself, that you'll do whatever is required to accomplish what you must, And, here's the best part, the faith you have in the positive effects of the gemstone, the more confidence you acquire because of it and the more that is necessary is now handled with ease. So, gemstones bring self confidence.

I could go on, but that's really for the fortunate user of a gemstone to discover for them self. There are still great mysteries and adventures available through your own experience. That’s part of the fun in using a gemstone.

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