Life's Little Gems

Ornamentation for the Soul

For me, gemstones have a "siren" like allure. When I see the soft velvety nature of an emerald or the cherry candy like color of a ruby, I want to touch it or eat it. I'm hooked. But, I must admit, loving gemstones is usually an acquired taste.

I have learned to further love gemstones for another far more important reason. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still love their beauty, but there is life beyond life and there is gemstone beauty beyond beauty. Here's how it works.

Gemstones work on the subtle level of consciousness. What is this,...

Negative Thoughts are a Luxury We Cannot Afford

The day before yesterday, I was talking with someone very close to me about their success in their life - or lack the thereof in their case. The focus of the discussion gravitated to the fact that no matter how hard they worked and tried, they still weren't successful in their life.

Now, this person is an extremely hard worker, completely devoted, intelligent, skilled, competent and there is no reason that they shouldn't have all The Universe has to offer. So what is it, why aren't they successful? It boils down to this, we are all amazing beings with unlimited...

What The Tantric Necklace Mala Will do for You

First, let me explain why gems work. Gems work on the subtle plane of existence. What is the subtle plane? Let me give you an example. Let’s say we walk outside on a clear night with no moon shining. The stars are glowing. I point to the North Star and say “Do you see it.” “Of course,” you would respond. Then I say “Do you see the star directly at the top of the North Star? “You might say, “Yes, I do, but it keeps blinking in and out.” Then I would add, “Do you see the star directly above...

Yogi Bhajan, Flexibility Leads to Nobility

Sat Nam Dear Family,

In India, the Rotary Club is a big deal. The most respected and prosperous businessmen are members. I drove and joined the Siri Singh Sahib to my first Rotary Club lunch in 1976. It was at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. Coincidently, several years later the Khalsa Council meetings were held in the same room for many years. Then again, we know it’s no coincidence.

As a sidebar, The Rotary Club was then an all men’s gathering. The Siri Singh Sahib was usually driven by one of his secretaries. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for me)...

Yogi Bhajan, Hong Kong Million Gone

Sat Nam Dear Family

It was February, 1993 when the plane touched down in Hong Kong. We were the guests of a gentleman who was, and still is very wealthy and well respected in the Hong Kong community. He and his brother own and operate a 5 star hotel chain throughout Asia. His home was a mansion: his bedroom walls strung with millions of pearls; each family member had his/her own floor (yes, floor, not just room or suite); there was a staff of servants and cooks downstairs standing by for your call as to what you’d like to eat...